Fly Me to the Moon

Fly Me to the Moon

「唯最令人印象深刻的,就是三位編/舞者輪流呈現自我沉溺:先是李超玩弄著吹氣人偶,然後就有楊浩與他的濃厚黑假髮,最後姚潔琪則把玩結他走調高歌。三段舞都是拉雜自嘲,各有其趣。」—— 陳瑋鑫/舞蹈手扎

「《Fly Me to the Moon》想要言說的是「距離」,而我卻在其中看見「願望」的荒謬……假人、假髮、假唱,他們的沉迷在虛假的願望中, 「想著那美麗的夢境不再破碎」,旁觀的我們笑說他們痴傻,但劇場內這歷歷在目的,又何嘗不是我們自身真實的寫照?」—— 楊騏/大公報

Choreographers' Note | Li Chao
This is my first time working on a collaborative piece since my graduation. The three of us are different in terms of body, background, mindset and working style. At this moment, all these differences make this work a completely different one from my previous ones.

Choreographers' Note | Yang Hao
I am honoured to be part of this Dance Exchange programme, which has allowed me a chance to work with choreographers from the mainland and Hong Kong. By chance, I danced with Li Chao 15 years ago at the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater. This reunion after many years added more meaning to this collaboration. At the beginning we all thought of using distance as our starting point.
The three of us, both as choreographers and dancers, certainly met lots of problems and disputes. After serious discussion we decided at last to divide our 30 minute work into short pieces, 10 minutes each, in which each one starts with the theme of distance.
The three of us each have our own thoughts, but we decided to let them join in at one certain point, and Fly Me to the Moon is the result. The image of the moon is where all of the abstract ideas meet. All three of us speak different languages, so I tell a strange story about the three of us trying to land on the moon. The story is also a factual yet objective portrayal of our collaboration process.

Choreographers' Note | Judy Yiu
I am grateful and have cherished this opportunity to work with both local and mainland choreographers. As a Hong Kong choreographer, working in Beijing reminded me of my childhood when I used to go back and forth between Hong Kong and the mainland. The plastic bag in red, white and blue stripes not only carries my property, but also my memories. It is what coloured my childhood.
My favourite childhood game was the origami fortune teller. In the past, a paper and a pencil could turn into all kinds of games. It’s always in the simplest things that the most creative arise, and these two objects well represent Hong Kong people’s persistent yet flexible quality. I hope through these two simple but creative elements, members of the audience can also feel this joy.

Li Chao
Yang Hao
Judy Yiu
Costume Designer
Angel Wong
Lighting Designer
Leo Siu
Sound Coordinator
Ha Yan-pui
Set Coordinator
Jacob Wu
Production Manager and Stage Manager
Mandy Lai
Stage Manager and Deputy Stage Manager
Karen Kwong
Assistant Stage Manager
Cheng Wing
Production Electrician
Wong Kwan-kwan
Wardrobe Supervisor
Teby Wong
Make-up Artists
Lau Shuk-yi
Fong Wing-chong
Stage Crew
Ho Chi-tung
Chik Chun-ho
Moon River by Audrey Hepburn
Weary by Red Force
Hallelujah (Cover) by Reneé Dominique
Nocturne, Op.9 by Chopin
Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra