"Fragments by veteran dancer Lam Po, cleverly adopted different levels of the performing space in the Studio Theatre, making use not only of the stage, but also the passage on the balcony, as well as ladders hung from the upper grid above the stage." - William Chan / dance journal/hk

If people’s memories are like documentaries one after another, when these films seem to be shattered like mirrors, and then these fragments are broken apart, reorganized, and divided, what conflicts and stories will be triggered

Choreographer's Note
I’ve never been good at expressing myself with words. Dance became part of my life 25 years ago, and since then I’ve felt like a sponge fanatically trying to absorb knowledge and figure myself out in the sea of dance. I was fortunate to have the chance to study in a professional dance school, to join a professional dance troupe, and to learn from and work with many different artists. All along, I’ve tried to simply and directly learn from my own characteristics and experiences, putting little bits from here and there together to create my works.
Thanks everyone at the Hong Kong Arts Festival, my dearest Ah Dee, my dancers (especially my wife) and those who help and support us. Thank you!

Choreographer / Dancer
Lam Po
Li Yongjing*, Evains Lui, Liu Heung-man
Dickson Dee
Lighting Designer
Goh Boon-ann
Set Coordinator
Jan Wong
Assistant Lighting Designer
Luk Wang-lok
Sound Designer
Ha Yan-pui
Production Manager
Li Ching-ching
Technical Manager
Eva Chau
Stage Manager
Janet Wong
Deputy Stage Manager
Carmen Hung
Assistant Stage Managers
Muijai Yu
Raymond Ng
Moving Light Programmer
Lai Tze-yu
Sound Operator
Pui Lam
Wardrobe Supervisor
Luise Yau**
Angel Tsang
Stage Crew
Chan Chi-wai
Chik Chun-ho
Tse Man-kuen
Make-up Artists
Jadeson Fu
Gee Gee Lau
Keith Hiro
Balletopia, Studio for A, The Yard, City Contemporary Dance Company, Steam Studio, Passoverdance, Studiodanz, Y-space

*By kind permission of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
**By kind permission of Hong Kong Dance Company