Play with Abandon

Play with Abandon

「呈示直接,清潔鋪展流暢帶點抒情與自嘲的流麗, 表現是日式的純愛。」——洛楓/ 舞蹈手札

Choreographer’s Note
What is love?
This is a simple question…
The answer to which is probably crystal clear to us…
But do we…
go with the flow?
Or treat it like a game?
Don’t know?
We all know very well…
But we are also confused…
We think about it… ponder over it…
but are still unable to find the correct answer…
We’re not being stubborn…
We all know very well what we are doing…
What will our end be?

Ricky Hu^
Music from Hong Kong composer
Li Jia-bo^ - In Memory, Take you to the end of the world
Video Designer
James Kong
Li Cheng, Takahira Yo^
Yang Hao*, Yuan Sheng-lun#
Set & Costume Designer
Yuen Hon-wai
Lighting Designer
Gary Ng
Sound Designer
Lee Ma-tai
Production Manager
Roy Leung
Stage Manager
Shirley Leung
Deputy Stage Manager
Mac Chan
Wardrobe Assistant
Christine Chan
Assistant Producer
Alice Wong

Other music chosen from
Bosques de mi Mente: El último juego entre las hojas otoñales, Otoño
Raphaël Beau: Micmacs A La Gare, Larrons En Foire

^ With kind permission of Hong Kong Ballet
* With kind permission of City Contemporary Dance Company
# With kind permission of Hong Kong Dance Company Limited