Put Out the Flame

Put Out the Flame

Nomination | 22nd Hong Kong Dance Awards | Outstanding Medium Venue Production

「交流不僅是為了創作一個演出,不同文化背景與藝術理念的人, 藉著交流來增加自己對藝術的識見與視野,也是意義所在。」—— 聞一浩 

「不同文化背景、語言的創作人合作,除了在台上見到的成果,還有觀眾看不到的交流,對藝術與世界的看法。那些分享與經驗,才是跨國合作交流重要的一環。」—— 聞一浩 / HK01

Director's Note | Jos Baker
What happens when two different subjective universes collide? Can they merge or will they always float separately from each other? Each of us lives in our own subjective reality, a bubble we have created for ourselves. In Double Bubble, we look into these worlds within worlds and the challenges and rewards of smashing our realities together.
When there is not enough light, the colour drains from our vision; without the fire, a relationship becomes cold and dark.
Put Out the Flame is a dive into the emotional distance inside a couple’s life, how physical proximity can sometimes reveal the inability to connect. We observe the continuous routine of two people living in the same space, which is steeped in melancholic nostalgia of what once was warm and colourful. How easy is it to fall into living half a life?

Choreographer's Note | Tracy Wong
This is a rare opportunity to rediscover ourselves through another’s perspective, and understand that we possess more possibilities than previously imagined. Jos pushes himself to the extreme, twisting his body in ways that are not immediately decipherable; this has overturned our preconceptions about possible movements, even taking our emotions to new extremes.

Choreographer's Note | Mao Wei
Having danced with Tracy for so many years, I find that although we are well-matched, we are getting a bit too comfortable with each other. Perhaps we’d gotten ourselves stuck in a bottleneck; Jos stepped in at the right time to push us through to the other side.

Concept & Direction
Jos Baker (UK)
Creation & Performance
Mao Wei
Tracy Wong
Lighting Designer
Law Man-wai *
Sound Designer
Neville Li
Set Coordinator
Jacob Wu
Choreographic Assistant
In.s Carij.
Deputy Stage Manager
Allen Chau
Assistant Stage Manager
Amy Tsui
Production Electrician
Lo Sio-wa
Terry Tsang
Costume Coordinator
Nancy Ho
Production Manager
Mandy Lai
Stage Manager
Mac Chan
Makeup and Hair Stylists
Catherine Cheung
Euthy Wong
Edith Ho
Ho Chi-tung
Kenneth Chan
Supported by the Flemish authorities
Cattle Depot Artists Village
* By kind permission of City Contemporary Dance Company