The Smallest Little Thing

The Smallest Little Thing

Nomination | 22nd Hong Kong Dance Awards | Outstanding Medium Venue Production

「『聽介紹說,這四位演員中有經驗豐富的,也有舞壇新血。他們在宏觀與細微、熱烈與平靜之間呈現出戀人間微妙的關係,演得非常好。』來自演藝學院的學生張帥在看完節目後表示。」—— 星報

Director's Note | Jos Baker
What happens when two different subjective universes collide? Can they merge or will they always float separately from each other? Each of us lives in our own subjective reality, a bubble we have created for ourselves. In Double Bubble, we look into these worlds within worlds and the challenges and rewards of smashing our realities together.
Sometimes a single moment or action can change the course of our lives. How much are we aware of the significance of a look, a gesture, a word spoken or a decision taken in relationship to not only our own story but the course of someone else’s journey? We are constantly surrounded by people, and we never know what might attach our journey to theirs. Intimacy and connection can happen in the smallest things. How do we act when the personal and intimate is exposed and on display to the “outside” world?

Choreographer's Note | Juliana Zhu
In comparison with [Tracy and Mao Wei’s] intimate duet, we are more like the strangers we encounter every day in a city…I’ve long been a choreographer, and haven’t performed on stage for around seven years. Now with this role change, I am learning again to adapt to my partner’s rhythms. Sometimes my stamina dwindles, but it’s fulfilling every day.

Choreographer's Note | Jimmy Suen
Juliana’s movements are flexible; I can’t move like that. However, I believe that Jos’s emphasis isn’t strictly on contemporary dance, but on innovation in terms of idea and concept. The hand tricks and head spinning of street dance have both been added into our work; we’ve even amplified and expanded them.

Concept & Direction
Jos Baker (UK)
Creation & Performance
Jimmy Suen
Juliana Zhu
Lighting Designer
Law Man-wai *
Sound Designer
Neville Li
Set Coordinator
Jacob Wu
Choreographic Assistant
In.s Carij.
Deputy Stage Manager
Allen Chau
Assistant Stage Manager
Amy Tsui
Production Electrician
Lo Sio-wa
Terry Tsang
Costume Coordinator
Nancy Ho
Production Manager
Mandy Lai
Stage Manager
Mac Chan
Makeup and Hair Stylists
Catherine Cheung
Euthy Wong
Edith Ho
Ho Chi-tung
Kenneth Chan
Supported by the Flemish authorities
Cattle Depot Artists Village
* By kind permission of City Contemporary Dance Company