The Last Zoo

The Last Zoo

「題材以至手法的運用,都是很有創意的。」  —— 聞一浩/信報

Choreographer’s Note
Our urges and desires perhaps reflect our need to be recognised, they provide evidence of our presence.
Or perhaps they are a source of comfort and security. We keep on feeding our desires until they evolve into a giant black hole from which nothing, including ourselves, can escape.
Just like the vulture of loneliness who circles over the cycle of over eating, vomiting, over eating...

I am an artist.
I am an ordinary person.
Merely a piece of dust of the earth,
merely a note in a song,
merely a gear in a machine.
I am nothing but ordinary.
Perhaps I am more; at least I do not blindfold my eyes.

That's why I question.
That's why I choreograph.

Cyrus Hui
Music Designer
Lau Tin-ming
Music from Hong Kong composer
Fung Lam - Red
Lee Ka-ki
Henry Shum
Cherry Leung
Sylvia Lee
Set & Costume Designer
Yuen Hon-wai
Lighting Designer
Gary Ng
Sound Designer
Lee Ma-tai
Production Manager
Roy Leung
Stage Manager
Shirley Leung
Deputy Stage Manager
Mac Chan
Wardrobe Assistant
Christine Chan
Assistant Producer
Alice Wong

Other music chosen from
Meredith Monk: Shift, Falling
Miguel A Marin: Lost Angel
Giuseppe Verdi: Mercè, Dilette Amiche from "Sicillian Vespers"
Amon Tobin: Surge
Maurice Ravel / Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald: Movement 4