The Voice

The Voice

「糅合兩種不同個性的舞蹈,以強勁節拍把生活的種種轉化成創作。」—— 梁嘉宜/ArtPlus

This dance is a document of the nitty gritty bits that sparkled from the first collaboration between Rock and Tan-ki inside a tiny rehearsal room. The original inspiration came from the body being something like a container. Creating this dance was akin to being physically trapped inside this tiny space for a few months, where we looked at ourselves in the mirror with our ideas drifting to a faraway place… Everything happens here, and it is wonderful how this tiny space can accommodate such infinite expansion and creativity.

Choreographer’s Note | Rock Fang
The day I was informed that I would choreograph and perform this work, a question came to me: What kind of chemistry will arise from the collaboration between two completely different dance artists?“ Further questions arose when we began to construct this work...
“If dance is inseparable from music, does each type of dance have its unique music?“
“If we dance a certain type of dance without its music, can it still be categorised as that type of dance?
“What types of dance do we dance, respectively? Tap dance? Hip-hop?”
“When we dance two or many types of dance on the same stage, what does it turn into?”
This work does not seek to answer these questions; rather, it encapsulates our search for answers through dance. I am delighted to go on this search with a like-minded friend, and I look forward to performing this work on stage...

Choreographer’s Note | Wong Tan-ki
A question popped up during a rehearsal: What types of dance are we doing here? Neither of us came to a definite answer.
We might as well not pigeonhole it. What‘s important is that we are able to express our thoughts through our bodies. We are dancers in search of our unique body language, just as we all have different voices. In the end, we see that all voices come from the same core.
When different voices merge into one distinctive voice, meaning is born out of the process of conflict and fusion. It is far more meaningful than a secular understanding of the self.
Thanks Partner, for a happy collaboration.

Choreographers / Set Concept / Dancers
Rock Fang, Wong Tan-ki
Music Editor and Sound Designer
Wong Tan-ki
Set Designer
Yuen Hon-wai
Costume Designer
Cheung Sze-kan, Aemiliana
Lighting Designer
Lee Chi-wai
Sound Designer
Ha Yan-pui
Video Coordinator
Jason Wong
Production Manager
Chan Pui-yee, Claudia
Stage Manager
Tsui Wai-hong
Deputy Stage Manager
Hung Ling-sze
Assistant Stage Managers
Cheung Hoi-wang, Ivan, Chiu Wing-hei,
Tse Wai-keung, Yau Chi-yu, Athena
Production Electrician
Lee Kit-man, Anna
Wardrobe Assistant
Lam Hiu-yin
Music chosen from
1. Jono McCleery: The Gymnopedist
2. Philip Glass: Excellent, Mr. Renfield
3. Olaf Bender: Fremd
4. Erick Turnbull: Egypt
5. Body Rhythm Factory: Take it to the bridge