Très léger

Très léger

「《輕飄飄》有趣的地方在於,這些身體本身,光是展現便有故事,便是挑釁。編舞者甚至不用編上太多敘事,便能達到原本創作的目的。黃俊達勸諭我們別給世俗美醜觀束縛,輕鬆一點,怪不得三具異體從一開始便給蒙面。與其說他們是有血有肉的人體,倒不如說他們是我們慾望投射得屏幕。所以當莫鎮彤撕下面罩,直視觀眾,他已不止是我們凝視的對象,而是有能力反向凝視的主體。相對於原小說的陰柔,《輕飄飄》這一下靜靜的回眸,更有千軍萬馬的力度」—— 小西

「看得出編舞能夠駕馭舞者身體的特性,同時訓練舞者非常敏銳的身體動力,例如大提琴每個單音節的撥動,都能牽動舞者的即時反應,或軀幹、或手腳的震動頻率,「操控」的形態植入視覺和聽覺感官。其次,服裝和台景調度很有獨特個性,抓住了觀眾視線,那些仿若流動雕塑的道具衣服既是諷喻的載體、建立「異形身體」的中命物,同時也考驗了舞者動作的難度,創造了另類的肢體語彙。」—— 洛楓


Choreographer's Note
“Why should I give up my true, innocent nature to pursue a frigid and formal beauty?”
Let’s start from this sentence! Perhaps there is a Cecilia in everyone’s heart. He/she is very beautiful, like a stream of spring water, unique and full of character. Perhaps there should not be a Cecilia in our hearts, because he/she does not know how to write the word “ugly” - it is absolutely polluted water that affects the ecology and is not worth a single glance. Could I become or possess him/her? I ask my father, my mother, my teachers and the experts. They all say, “There is only Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories, but not Cecilia in Hong Kong.” Finally, as I am riding the ferry in the middle of the Victoria Harbour, I find the answer in my heart.

Choreographer / Music Designer
Ata Wong Chun-tat
Mok Chun-tung
Tai Tin-ching, Summer*
Live Musician
Chan Tze-wing
Costume Designers
Ata Wong
Stephen Fan
Herman Sin
Lighting Designer
Bert Wong
Sound Designer
Ha Yan-pui
Production Manager
Li Ching-ching
Technical Manager
Eva Chau
Stage Manager
Janet Wong
Deputy Stage Manager
Carmen Hung
Assistant Stage Manager
Giann Leung
Camille Tam
Production Electrician
Luk Wang-lok
Sound Operator
Lam Pui
Lighting Operator
Ip Hiu-tung
Light Crew
Chan Yeuk-sze
Wardrobe Supervisor
Yan Siu-pui
Make-up Artist
Lau Kun-chi Gee Gee
Fu Ying-kit
Lun Hiu-kwan
Stage Crew
Wu Yan-lung
Yim Chi-chung
Love's Substitute by Alan Tam
Woo Yat-hei*
Wong Siu-ming
* By kind permission of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts