「編舞盤彥燊嘗試建構「虛空」的美學,像中國書畫所重視的「虛實」般,編舞進一步把「虛」顯彰。音樂及聲音也遊走於這虛空之間,獨立地或與動作一起編織出新的意義。除了聲音創作外,作品亦運用了文本。開始的時候,用了顧城的《我是一庭小城》,以中英文交錯朗讀,在溫婉的聲音及恰當的節奏演釋下,增加了作品的詩意。」—— 丘思詠/舞蹈手扎

「很能感受到音樂與舞蹈相輔相成的密切關係,又或者如盤彥燊「編舞的話」中所言的「非此非彼」感覺…….台上沒有戲劇化的事情和動作出現,但音樂與動作卻是充滿張力,叫人目不轉睛。」—— 聞一浩/文匯報

"This is a piece that never stops moving but because the movement is so slow it feels shrouded in stillness." - Ballet To The People

Choreographer's Note | Wayson Poon
In this work, dance and sound are intertwined in an abstract world, where the essentials in one’s daily life are felt. Human civilisation is constantly redefining what is legitimate or appropriate, when many of its preconceptions are rooted in ignorance. Humans, who have long been accustomed to constraints, have drifted away from their true selves. In this moment, can we contain the whole world in our enfolded existence, and open up thespace for an expanding vortex or trajectory?

Sound Artist's Note | Peter Lenaerts
Most of us are surrounded by sound all the time. Some of it we hear, some of it we choose to ignore, most of it passes by unnoticed. It is there, but we don’t hear it until we decide to listen to it.
Listening is almost always an active act, a choice. We decide to pause for a moment, prick up our ears and focus. Most of us don’t do it very often. Especially not when there’s nothing to see. It requires an act of concentration that is quite often too demanding.
And yet we are surrounded by sound all the time. In life and in art.
Whether an artist consciously uses sound or not, there is sound in the work. Always. Even the conceptual dance artist who chooses to stage a piece with no set, one light setting, and no sound, still uses sound. You cannot turn off sound. It’s there. So you might as well be aware of it and use it. Or abuse it.

Choreographer / Dancer
Wayson Poon
Resident Sound Artist & Composer
Peter Lenaerts
Lo King-san
Lighting Designer
Timmy Cheung
Sound Coordinator
Ha Yan-pui
Set Coordinator
Jacob Wu
Production Manager
Lam Hing-lun
Stage Manager
Kami Ng
Deputy Stage Manager
Carmen Hung
Make-up and Hair Stylist
Ada Cheng
Stage Crew
Leo Mui
Yeung Kwai-hung
J Dilla by 551
It's A Ganster Party by Unknown
Cyclotron by Harmonic 313