Will you still love me tomorrow HK Remix

Will you still love me tomorrow HK Remix

Nomination | The 20th Hong Kong Dance Awards | Outstanding Medium Venue Production

「整個作品只單純展現了精準的舞技,雖然欠缺了細緻的個人身體故事,但緊湊精準的編排,卻表現了另一種向度。作品提醒了我們,個人與集體性並不是對立的,而卻是在群體生活中仍然能保持自我,同時不失與別人保持交流溝通的心境。以質樸的形式為觀眾展現了人與人之間真實的聯繫,而舞蹈帶來了對話的可能。」—— 謝嘉豪/舞蹈手扎

The first international collaboration for the Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series, this special commission is built on the Artist-in-Residence project of Italian choreographer Alessandro Sciarroni with Hong Kong choreographer Mao Wei, who took part in the Hong Kong Arts Festival in 2016.
Continuing their partnership and building on Sciarroni’s acclaimed FOLK-S, they further explore the counterpoint in Eastern and Western dance and folk traditions. This full-length new work features professional dancers from Hong Kong and will also include selected local students. It is developed over a series of workshops and rehearsals in Hong Kong.

Choreographer's Note | Alessandro Sciarroni
I’m delighted and honoured to have been invited for a second year running to be part of the Hong Kong Arts Festival. Last year, after presenting a work inspired by traditional European dances, I had the opportunity to work on the material from that show with 28 non-professional young performers. The idea of teaching them a few steps from the show which originates from a European folk dance and to blend these same steps with other traditions stemming from a culture that is more familiar to the performers, represented a dream for me at the time. To have had the opportunity to return to Hong Kong, to continue to work with some of the young performers and to complete the cast with the addition of 5 professional dancers, was for me a very stimulating experience. This work would not have been possible without the contribution of the young choreographer and dancer Mao Wei who, with passion, hard work and generosity put himself at the service of this project of transmission of the traditional dances. We worked together with the intention of bridging two traditions, which are so distant and different one from the other, trying to adapt the rhythm of the two cultures and, at the same time, to preserve their distinctive natures. Given the level of complexity of the steps, the performance that is born for this experience requires great skill on the part of the dancers and I am very happy to say that, even during moments of difficulty, the young performers embraced the work with lightness and steadiness.
At the centre of the work that we have created together stands the idea of dance as an archetypal and universal expression of human nature. The work shows the fragility and the strength of our species finding itself at the mercy of the same movement of the planets; and it describes creation’s magnetic energy to which all creatures are subject.

Choreographer's Note | Mao Wei

I am honoured to collaborate with Alessandro Sciarroni in creating this new work, which is a re-creation of FOLK-S, will you still love me tomorrow? This work has always held special significance for me. Apart from the fusion and innovation of Chinese and Italian folk dances, it features a group of secondary school students with little or even no experience in dance as its main ensemble, which is a considerable challenge for the work on many levels. How to guide the students through learning the basic steps of each folk dance, towards a gradual understanding of the culture and history of the people; how we dive from the present moment into age-old cultural traditions and then come back to the present, to inherit and pass on the legacy of the traditions; all this has posed a series of challenges for us.
To me, this is not just a performance. It is an act of respect for tradition, a kind of ritual, and a form of reflection.
When Alessandro and I were creating this work together, we often considered the students’ capacity for performance, since this dance is a test of the performer’s physical, mental and emotional stamina. It is an endless unfolding of repetitions, swapping places, converging and dispersing, from the group to the individual, and then from the individual to the group. It contains a great deal of meaning. In this dance you see human relationships and the power of the group; you also see the passing on of legacy, and even innovation. The work is not complex in itself, yet it embodies exceptional substance. For many of these students, this may be their only ever performance on stage, and I hope this experience will become a special memory in their lives.

Alessandro Sciarroni
Mao Wei
Rehearsal Master
Francesco Vecchi
Mao Wei
Sarah Xiao
Evains Lui
Poon Chun Ho
Ming Pak
Student Dancers
Chan Tsz-kwan
Chan Yee-man
Choi Chun-fan
Kwok Tan
Lam Chun-yin Anson
Lau Yan-yung
Man Ka-yee
Ng Lee-lee
Ng Suen-yu
Wong Kai-kit
Technical Coordinator
Cosimo Maggini
Sound Designer
Ha Yan-pui
Production Manager
Li Ching-ching
Technical Manager
Eva Chau
Stage Manager
Janet Wong
Deputy Stage Manager
Carmen Hung
Assistant Stage Manager
Giann Leung
Camille Tam
Production Electrician
Luk Wang-lok
Lighting Operator
Chan Ho-ming
Sound Operator
Joey Hung
Eddie Chow
Wardrobe Supervisor
Yan Siu-pui
Make-up Artist
Chan Mei-fan
Lau Kun-chi Gee Gee
Fu Ying-kit
Tsang Siu-kuen
Stage Crew
Chen Fong-hiu
Yim Chi-chung

Thanks to the students of Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School, Fanling Rhenish Church Secondary School and Elegantia College for their participation in this production
Thanks to Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School for providing rehearsal venue for this programme