"From the point of view of movement style, the piece is full of every day actions and gestures, rather than elegant movements. I really enjoyed the liveness in this work, especially when Cai Ying starts a robotic vacuum cleaner on stage and lets it dance; while the humorous actions of the horse-headed Xiao are effective as well." - William Chan / dance journal/hk

"While its message is quite arbitrary, I like its choice of wacky music that pairs with some funky stage props and costumes that reminds me of a Nancy Sinatra style at one point before it turns to an oddball." - Chloe Chia / HKELD

Choreographer's Note
《wǒ-mén》, "we" in Chinese, loosely homophonous with "women", explores how could the identities and roles of the "other" gender(s) can assume in an open space.

"What is within, myself, and what is outside, separate." ─ Iris Marion Young
Prompted by this call for philosophical reflection, I would like to invites the audience to explore with my interiors of the mind where everything is absurd and beyond reason, as I also seeks to disclose the affective conditions and dimensions of female embodied consciousness as shaped by social pressures and dynamics.

Choreographer / Dancer
Cai Ying
Sarah Xiao
I Was a Teenage Werewolf (With False Start) by The Cramps
Rak Song by Dead Combo
Alice Rensy, Sarah Xiao, Yu Jie, Wiki Lo and Lindsay Lin
Lighting Designer
Goh Boon-ann
Set Coordinator
Jan Wong
Assistant Lighting Designer
Luk Wang-lok
Sound Designer
Ha Yan-pui
Production Manager
Li Ching-ching
Technical Manager
Eva Chau
Stage Manager
Janet Wong
Deputy Stage Manager
Carmen Hung
Assistant Stage Managers
Muijai Yu
Raymond Ng
Moving Light Programmer
Lai Tze-yu
Sound Operator
Pui Lam
Wardrobe Supervisor
Luise Yau*
Angel Tsang
Stage Crew
Chan Chi-wai
Chik Chun-ho
Tse Man-kuen
Make-up Artists
Jadeson Fu
Gee Gee Lau
Keith Hiro
Balletopia, Studio for A, The Yard, City Contemporary Dance Company, Steam Studio, Passoverdance, Studiodanz, Y-space
*By kind permission of Hong Kong Dance Company