Let the body speak what the heart knows individual voices, universal truths

Up-and-coming artists come together to unleash the cry of the body in this super-charged double-bill. In Mokita – meaning “a truth that everyone knows but nobody speaks” – British dancer-choreographer Dickson Mbi will guide four local dancers across the boundaries of their diverse training backgrounds to develop new movement vocabularies that express the unvoiced dimensions of body and soul. Voice Out showcases four distinctive creations of local dancer-choreographers: former Cloud Gate 2 dancer Dever Chan, recent P.A.R.T.S. graduate Chan Wai-lok and rising independent artists Alice Ma and Pansy Lo. Their personal statements will be woven together by Berlin-based director and dramaturg Tian Gebing into one coherent chorus of voices.

Concept and Choreographer
Dickson Mbi (UK)

Rehearsal Assistant
Vivian Luk

Creation and Performance
Cheung Tsz-Kwan
Suen Nam
Phygmus Tang
Kae Wong

Ruth Chan