Pied à terre

Pied à terre

"Despite being a solo, Yang’s work is the most complete and complex of all. He not only performs as a lone guy in a closed space, but later, transgendered and dressed in gown, high-heels, and wig; she dances and sings joyfully for contrast." - William Chan / dance journal/hk

"This piece has a very strong theatrical acting element, yet did not fall short on dance aesthetics. Yang’s moves were accented and smooth, syncopated and fluid. In terms of performance medium, the piece has a rich and spectacular exploitation of performing arts possibilities." - Chloe Chia / HKELD


“I am defined as a subjectivity, singular person, as an “I,” precisely because I am exposed to the other. It is my inescapable and incontrovertible answerability to the other that make me an individual ‘I’. This is the basis of all ethics.” — Emmanuel Levinas

Choreographer's Note
I feel most fortunate to be able to present my work through this platform again. Pied a terre began when I was at Yale University; being far from home gave me new perspectives about Hong Kong, and with this dissociation, I began exploring the topic of “otherness”.
Pied à terre means a secondary home, such as an apartment in the city; but I have extended it to mean for me a home for holiday or a shelter from the storm. In this dreamlike resting place, Jessica Rizzo and I found inspiration from each other’s different professions and personal experiences, where we created “other” characters through our “selves”. A lone birdman trapped in its own imagined space; a drag queen who tries to define herself and her surroundings – these types of characters appear in this work, experiencing loneliness in the space between being understood and being misunderstood, using the body to search for what people desire the most: love, company and acceptance.

Choreographer / Dancer
Yang Hao
Text / Script
Jessica Rizzo
Just Want to be
Composer / Soundwright: Christopher Ross-Ewart
Lyrics: Christopher Ross-Ewart and Yang Hao
Female Voice: Elizabeth Stahlmann
Rehearsal Assistant
Alice Rensy
Lighting Designer
Goh Boon-ann
Set Coordinator
Jan Wong
Assistant Lighting Designer
Luk Wang-lok
Sound Designer
Ha Yan-pui
Production Manager
Li Ching-ching
Technical Manager
Eva Chau
Stage Manager
Janet Wong
Deputy Stage Manager
Carmen Hung
Assistant Stage Managers
Muijai Yu
Raymond Ng
Moving Light Programmer
Lai Tze-yu
Sound Operator
Pui Lam
Wardrobe Supervisor
Luise Yau*
Angel Tsang
Stage Crew
Chan Chi-wai
Chik Chun-ho
Tse Man-kuen
Make-up Artists
Jadeson Fu
Gee Gee Lau
Keith Hiro
Balletopia, Studio for A, The Yard, City Contemporary Dance Company, Steam Studio, Passoverdance, Studiodanz, Y-space
*By kind permission of Hong Kong Dance Company